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Sharing Printers and Files over a private network

File and printer sharing is fairly simple and since you have a wireless network set up, you are already half-way there. The good news is, everything you need is built into Windows - all you have to do is set it up.

However there are one or two pitfalls:
- File and printer sharing needs to be turned on.
- Firewall software such as Norton Internet security or ZoneAlarm need to be told not to block the connection. Don't be tempted to just turn these off as you will leave yourself open to all kinds of internet nastiness.
- You need to be logged in as an administrator to be able to do some of the things described below.

Sharing, whether we're talking about printers or files, involves creation of a share on one computer, and connection to that share on another. The principle is the same for both files and printers.
When you create a share, you give it a name which is used along with the computer's name to access it. The computer likes to see the name as follows:
\ms-mvps (Where chicagotech is the computer name, ms-mvps is the shared folder name).

Firstly to share your printer:
Secondly to share out your files:
Turning on Sharing:
Unblocking local network connections:

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