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How does RAS assign IP settings to a RAS Client?

When Remote Access Service (RAS) is setup to use DHCP or IP Static Pool to assign IP address to a RAS client, only the IP address from the DHCP lease is passed to the RAS client. Other options such as Default, DNS, and WINS in the DHCP scope are not. Instead, the above mentioned options are assigned directly from the RAS server's settings. If a RAS server has WINS or DNS entries, these entries are passed to the client.

Whet troubleshooting VPN or RAS name resolution issue, please check the following settings.

  1. It is not recommended to setup VPN server using static IP.
  2. Make sure you “Enable broadcast name resolution” for assigning DNS and WINS to the dial in client.
  3. If you have two or more NICs in the VPN server, select correct adapter for dial in instead of using “Allow RAS to select adapter:.


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