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Two gateways for redundancy

Q: I have two firewalls/gateways to the internet. The PRIMARY is and the SECONDARY

I have a server with an address of The server has it's gateways setup as with a metric of 1 and with a metric of 50.

If/when the primary firewall is down then incoming mail servers try to
access via the SECONDARY route but the as the server has the
PRIMARY firewall as the default route the incoming mail cannot get through.

This is not so much of a pain with email, we have other services that are
more critical and this is causing an issue.

Any suggestions???

Thank you.

A: To make the Internet access redundancy, you may have some options.

  1. Have a Dual WAN router like Cisco 1841 that can handle two gateways. Or refer to this link: What is Dual WAN or Load Balance Router?
  2. The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).
  3. Dynamic Routing Protocols (DRP).
  4. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF).
  5. Routing Information Protocol (RIP).
  6. Dead Gateway Detection (DGD).

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