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Logon locally and remotely

Q1:  I currently have a laptop in a Workgroup.  I use Cisco VPN client to connect
 to my office network. Yesterday I went to office and had the tech supp join
 my laptop to the company domain.

When I bring the laptop back home, I rebooted my laptop and now I can't log in. I get an error message when I try to log on to the domain. It says something "Domain not found" I understand this is obvious since I am not connected yet to the domain.

 So what is the right way to do this? I want to work remotely and I want the
 laptop in the domain.

A1:  You may have many options. Bring the laptop back to the office and logon the domain using your username. Then disable the LAN connection and try to logon again. Make sure the cached credentials work.

Another option is to have the administrator remove the domain and change it back to workgroup. Logon VPN using the domain username.

Or simply change the domain in the logon box to the name of the local computer and log onto the computer using your old local credentials. Logon VPN using the domain username.

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