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Given an IP address how to find computer name?

From: USA
Date: 14 Nov 2006
Time: 08:17:41 -0500


Q: I have a network with several Windows XP workstations and a Windows 2003
server.  All of the workstations belong to the same domain.  The router that
I use to connect this network to the the internet has a utility that allows
me to monitor bandwidth usage by IP address.  It doesn't give me any
information on the computer name or the user who is logged in.  I was just
wondering if there is an easy way I can find out what computer name or user corresponds to a given IP address.

A: You can resolve the address to hostname by using ping -a ip if you have correct DNS setup.

Also there are a few ways, ill suggest what I generally do but without knowing
your environment these may not work.

If your using DHCP from the w2k3 server then you should be able to go into
DHCP Manger and look at the leases and determine what the computer name of
the given ip address lease is.

If you are not often depending on your network is setup you can simply go to
the cmd prompt and to a tracert xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx where xxx is the ip address
and see if the name of the computer comes up.

Last option and one that I use most often is to use a tool from sysinternals
who it seems microsoft has purchased now that will give you all of this.


Logged in name, domain, computer etc

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