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Microsoft Licensing Issue

Issues or Symptoms Article Title & Link Description or Resolution  
Windows server Licensing overview Windows Server 2003 Licensing Overview

What's New in Windows Server 2003 Licensing

Windows server licensing FAQs Windows Server 2003 Licensing—Frequently Asked Questions General
Client Access Licenses (CALs)
Terminal Server (TS)
Windows Server 2003, Web Edition, and Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition
Server 2003 TS licensing Document Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Licensing This white paper provides an introduction to Terminal Server Licensing, the client license management service for the operating systems in the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family.  
TS Licensing How to Terminal Server Licensing How To....

Install Terminal Server Licensing

Configure a Terminal Server License Server

Configure a Terminal Server to Receive Licenses
Licensing TS Licensing Terminal Server in Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Licensing Requirements

Terminal Server Client Access Licensing Mode

TS CAL Transition plan FAQs Terminal Server CAL Transition Plan: Frequently Asked Questions These are answers to commonly asked questions about the Terminal Server CAL transition for Windows Server 2003.  
Terminal Server licensing issues and requirements Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Licensing Issues and Requirements for Deployment This comprehensive article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base provides information about the licensing changes in Windows Server 2003 and explains what those changes mean to you.  
How to troubleshoot TS licensing errors Troubleshooting Terminal Services Licensing Error Messages This topic lists licensing error messages that can appear on client computers, and it describes the causes of and solutions for these errors.  
How to set preferred TS license servers Set Preferred Terminal Server License Servers

Using Group Policies (best practice)

Using Terminal Services Configuration

Using the registry


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