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Case Study - Can't access FTP after installing Server 2003 SP1

Situation: the client has FTP on  a Windows Server 2003 that comes with two NICs. No one can access the FTP after they installed SP1. Even the inside users can't access the FTP. However, they can access the server by using VPN or Remote Desktop Connection.

Troubleshooting: telnet port 1723 and 3389 is OK but not port 21 (which is FTP port). No Windows Firewall or other firewall is enabled or installed. No IP or inbound filtering is enabled. Finally, we find the problem is NAT blocking the FTP. What we don't know is if the sp1 disabled the FTP or they enabled NAT after sp1 and forgot to open the FTP port.

Resolution: Open RRAS>IP Routing>NAT, right-click external NIC>Properties>Services and ports, check FTP and click Edit. To forward to an internal IP, type IP address in Private address

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