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How to setup XP Pro as a router

Q: If I had a Windows XP Pro workstation with 2 networks cards in it, each
one on a separate physical network, can I use that workstation to route
traffic between the two networks. This is an existing situation on my network and I'm trying to prove that it's a security risk. The workstation is
connected a 172.20.x.x network and a 192.168.1.x network. If I'm at any workstation on the 172 network I can ping the 192 interface on the workstation in question but I can't go beyond that workstation. The same holds true if  I'm on the 192 network, I can ping the 172 interface of the workstation in question but not beyond that. What has to happen on the dual interface pc to route between the networks. I tried putting in static routes in the route table using the "route add from DOS but that didn't seem to do it. I've been told this is very simple.

A: What you are experiencing is the expected behavior.  You can modify this to allow routing.  On an XP machine this is done by editing the registry:
click Start/Run   regedit    ENTER
navigate to:
In the right pane double click on IPEnableRouter and change its value to 1.

You are correct that machines on the respective networks will either need
static routes, or they could point to the XP machine's respective IPs as a
default gateway, or some other default gateway could be configured with
static routes.


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