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Case Study - Can ping Yahoo.com but not browse using sbc DSL

Situation: The client brought a XP computer for troubleshooting spyware issue. After removed all spyware, the computer can access the Internet from our office. However, the client can't access the internet at home.

Ipconfig /all displays the computer has correct TCP/IP settings, default gateway and DNS. We can ping yahoo.com. The IE is blank without any error. All Power, Ethernet, DSL and Internet lights are green on the modem. and the Activity is linking once for a wile.

What we tried:

1. Unplugged and re-plugged all cables. That didn't fix the problem.

2. Asked the client to logon. He could not.

3. Logged on modem management by using IP It displayed the User ID is scb yahoo regular user ID (sbcyahooreg@sbcglobal.net). Click Disconnection on the top and then click Connection. It asks the user ID and password. After the client logged on using his scb yahoo user ID and password, it displayed the User ID. The client is able to access the Internet.

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