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Case study Disconnect TS sessions remotely

Situation: The client use Terminal Services to administer the Windows server 2000 regularly. With Windows Server 2000, there are only 2 sessions allowed for administration. If someone forgot to log off and 2 sessions had been used, he would receive this error: "The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections".

Resolutions: 1. Setup to automatically disconnect after X minutes of idle time. Refer to How to end a disconnected session automatically.

2. Use qwinsta command to find the session ID and then use rwinsta command to reset it. For example, to disconnect session ID 2, use this command rwinstat /server:chicagotech 2.

3. If you are in an Active Directory domain, you can logon to one of the domain member servers, and open Terminal Services Manager to disconnect or log off the remote TS sessions.

Note: if you have windows Server 2003, you can use tsdiscon command.

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