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Case Study - How to clear Terminal Server 2000 licenses

Situation: A small company has a TS running on Windows 2000 server for their clients access. There are around 20 TS users and they bought 25 TS CALs. Every thing works fine for last two years. Recently, they keep getting "the client will be expired in xx days" and some users have problems to logon the TS. They added 5 more TS CALs. After a few days, they are out of the license again.

Analysis: After checked the TS Licensing server, we found there were over 255 devices listed under TS licensing server. The reason is the TS CALs will not have an expiration date and be permanently issued to the devices if those licenses were installed before Windows SP3. In the meantime, any new device will get a temporary TS CAL for 90 days. Note: If the TS CALs were installed after SP3 (which included a Licensing Enhancement), they have an expiration date of 52-89 days. The licenses that are not used will automatically be returned to the Licensing Server after the expiration date.

Resolution: We called the Microsoft Clearinghouse to re-issue TS licenses. Note: what the Microsoft does is helping you to install the licenses with new license keys. Therefore, some devices may still keep the old licenses for ever while some devices may receive new licenses for 52-89 days.

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