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Case Study - Server is not configured for transactions

Situation: The client receives the following message error in a windows XP when attempting to map  a shared drive on Windows 2000 server: "Server is not configured for transactions".

Troubleshooting: 1. Use "net share" command in the server to check share status. There is not a share named "IPC$" in the share list.

2. Use "net share IPC$" command to create it and then the XP can access the server.

3. After rebooting the server, the XP receive the same message and the IPC$ disappears in the server.

Cause: The server may have a virus called TROJ_IRCFLOOD.DR. (Note: to confirm that, check if the server has the following directory \winnt\system32\drivers\media).

Resolution: To fix it, delete winsys32.exe from \windows\system or winnt\system32 and delete \winnt\system32\winsys32.exe and \windows\system\winsys32.exe from the following register key HKLM\software\Microsoft\windows\run\. Or run an anti-virus software to clean it.

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