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Case Study - Can't ping other LAN with XP Pro as a router

Environment: A student tries to setup a XP as a router to connect two LANs, and Here are the configurations:

In LAN1: Windows 2000 Pro with IP, Subnet mask and default gateway There is a D-Link router with IP to connect to the Internet.

The XP as router: NIC1:, DG

NIC2:, IP routing enabled.

In LAN2: Windows XP Pro with, Subnet mask and default gateway

Situation: In LAN1, the computer can ping outside web and the XP router. However, it canít ping any thing in LAN2, no and

In LAN2, the computer can ping public IP, the XP router and, and Why canít he ping LAN2 from LAN1?

Analysis: This is routing issue. So, we print out routing tables from all computers. We found LAN1 computer pointed all traffic to Here is the routing table.

Active Routes:

Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric

       1        1       1        1        1000003       1

Default Gateway:       

Resolution: To enable to access LAN2, he needs to add a route on the Windows 2000 computer to point the traffic to, in our case, route add mask

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