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How to backup ASA/PIX configuration using TFTP

1. To backup ASA/PIX configuration using TFTP, you need to have a TFTP server running. Remember the TFTP server IP, in our case

2. Run telnet to access ASA. To do that, in the command prompt, type telnet TFTP IP, for example telnet, press Enter.

3. use the following command lines to backup the configuration.

copy startup-config tftp:

Address or name of remote host []?

Destination filename [startup-config]? 072405


8507 bytes copied in 0.40 secs

4. Done.

Note: It depends on the PIX version. You may try the following commands.

To copy configuration to tftp

chicagotechpix (config)#configure net

Note: You may be able to do that in enable mode


chicagotechpix #write net

Note: You may be able to do that in config mode


To copy the PIX image from Flash to the TFTP server:

chicagotechpix #copy flash tftp

To copy the image from TFTP to Flash without intervention.

chicagotechpix(config)#copy tftp: flash

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