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How to setup a new Cisco Wireless AP by copying from a working AP

Situation: The client just bought a new Cisco 1310 Wireless AP. He copies the configuration from another AP and then changes the IP address. He can access the bridge if he connects the cable 5 to the Ethernet port. However, the AP doesn't works with wireless.

Troubleshooting: 1. The Radio0-802.11G interface is red. Open the web utility, Go to the Network Interface and select Radio0-802.11G, then settings. Check enable.

2. Also go to the SSID Manager under Security. Select the VLAN, if you create one. Make sure the Radio0-802.11G is checked.

Note: since this is the new AP, you may want to enable Install Mode after copying the configuration. All 3 lights should be red. After re-configuring as above, switch it back to the expect mode. the lights should be green.

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