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How to configure iPad ad iPhone to access Exchange email


1. In Home, click Settings.


2. In Settings page, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Select Exchange if you would like to access email from the Outlook Web Access/Application (OWA). Note: you can also setup other email such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail.


4. In Exchange settings, enter the information accordingly.

5. After click Next, you may receive a message “Unable to Verify Certificate. The certificate from ‘chicagobotech.net’ for account username@chicagotech.net could not be verified’ because we haven’t enter SSL information. So, click Accept to setup SSL server.


6. The Exchange settings will asks Server information, the OWA web wite. Then click Next to save the settings.


7. Now, you should have Exchange Account information.


8. Go back to Home, and select Mail. Now, you can read and send emails.

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