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How to increasing the Size of a Volume on EqualLogic SAN

You can expand the size of a volume on EqualLogic SAN without interrupting service or shutdown the production server. Here is how.


1. Login EqualLogic web utility.

2. On the Volume page, highlight the Volume you want to expand and then click on Modify settings.


3. If you get a popup to ask to setup snapshot, click Modify snapshot settings on the left side and setup the snapshot as shown.


4. In the modify settings of the volume, enter the size you want, for 400GB replacing original 200GB. Click OK to save the settings.


5. Now the reported size is 400GB increased from 200GB.



Note: To recognize the new volume size, hosts that are currently connected to a volume
must support file system expansion. Not all operating systems, file systems, and
applications support increasing the size of a volume or behave in a predictable
manner when a volume size is increased. Before increasing a volume size, be sure
to understand how the change affects the operating system, file system, or
application using the volume.
Be sure you have sufficient free pool space before increasing the volume size.
Because reserved snapshot and replication space is based on a percentage of the volume
reserve, increasing the size of a volume usually requires more snapshot and replication
space. (For a standard volume, the volume reserve is the same as the reported size; for a
thin-provisioned volume, the volume reserve is less than or equal to the reported size.)
For a thin-provisioned volume, increasing its size also increases the in-use warning value
and maximum in-use space value (but not the percentages) because they are based on the
volume size.

Now, refer to this page to extend size in Windows: How to extend Volume in Windows 2008

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