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          Accomplished professional with 10 years experience in Device Driver, Embedded

          Software, and Digital Signal Processing development, possessing following credentials:

                   Confirmed experience with full life cycle in software development, including

                     designing, coding, integrating, testing, documenting and troubleshooting

                     software programs

             Telecom expertise in digital signal process (DSP) development, especially in Echo

          Cancellation (HEC, VQE), Voice Compression (G.711, G.729) with VoIP networks

         Excellent C/C++ object-oriented programming skills (OOP), especially in real-time

 embedded environments, with in-depth working knowledge and hands-on

 experience in kernel module or device driver programming, multi-task, multi-thread

 application programming, and network socket programming

         Extensive knowledge of networking and telecommunicating protocols such as

      Ethernet, Token Ring, TDM, ATM, SONET, TCP/IP, SS7, ISDN, DSL, T1/E1

         Competency in ATM protocol, ATM signaling, and ATM driver development

        Solid knowledge and experience with a variety of hardware platform such as

           Intel x86, SPARC, MIPS, PowerPC, ARM, and different real-time operating

 systems (RTOS), including VxWorks, pSOS and Linux

       Exceptional skills of tracking and solving problems with various tools and

         analyzers (Timing mode and State mode)

         High-level individual contributor and quick learner, creative problem solver,

      customer focused and results oriented leader with strong interpersonal skills and

      ability to cooperate with team members to ensure timely delivery of key objectives




         Telecom: GSM, UMTS, IMS, UMA, SIP, ISUP, BICC, TFO, TrFO, IuUP, NuUP

         Echo Cancellation: HEC, AEC, ALC, ANR, G.168, G.169

         Voice Compression: G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723.1, AMR

      VoIP: RTP, RTCP, VAD, CNG, Jitter Buffer, RFC2833, T.38

         DSP: TI 5402 series, Octasic 6100 series, Mindspeed M82xxx series

         Network Protocols: Ethernet, Token Ring, TDM, ATM, DSL, SONET/SDH, SIP,


         Hardwares: Intel x86, SPARC, MIPS, PowerPC, ARM, PCI Bus, I2C Bus, SCSI,

           IDE, ASIC, EEPROM, NAND/NOR Flash Memory, COM, USB, DMA, UART

         Languages: C/C++, Assemble, Shell Script, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Java, XML, SQL

         Programming Skills: Object-oriented, multi-task/multi-thread synchronization,  interrupt services, system calls, message queues, semaphores, timers, client-server

      mode, kernel module, device driver, nvram access, ioctls, bit operations, sockets,

      pipes, signals, shared memory, deadlock avoidance, race condition solutions

         Debugging Skills:  GDB, SDS, printf, printk, console monitor, trace files, core

      dump, I/O dump, memory dump, register dump, trigger, syslog, dmesg, proc files

         Operating Systems: VxWorks, pSOS, Linux, Solaris, Windows, NetWare

         Analyzers:  GL T1/E1 Analyzer, Agilent Logic Analysis System, Agilent Telegra,

          PacketStorm Network Emulator, HP Protocol Analyzer, Sage Instruments 960,

          PCI Bus Analyzer

         Version Controls: ClearCase, Perforce, CVS, RCS

         Project Innovations: Makefile Creation, Cross Platform Compilation, Static and

           Shared Libraries, ANSI C, POSIX C and GNU C Standards, RPM

         Development Tools: WindRiver Tornado II, MS Visual Studio & .NET


Sr. Embedded Software Engineer

Santera, a Tekelec Company, Plano, Texas (www.tekelec.com) (2004 2006)

Tekelec is a high-performance network applications company that is accelerating the transition to IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks for service providers 

   Echo Server Card Development          

   Developed and delivered new echo card for Tekelec Multimedia Gateway (T9000 DSS)

      Led the Echo Server Feature Team from inception to completion of a new echo card

            Designed the feature specifications for echo cancellation functionalities

         Developed the application code using Object Oriented Design (OOD) in C++

         Completed Echo Cancellation functionality tests complying with G.168, G.169

         Performed the integration tests of Echo Server Card with other components on MG

         Worked with Octasic support team to resolve the issues on their 6100 series DSP 

   Voice Server Card Development

   Developed and troubleshot on voice card for Tekelec Multimedia Gateway (T9000 DSS)      

      Designed the feature specifications for voice over IP (VoIP)

         Developed the code of G.723.1 codec feature for the Voice Server Card

         Completed the unit tests of functionalities on the G.723.1 codec

         Performed the integration tests of Voice Server Card with other components on MG

         Worked with Mindspeed support team to debug on their M82xxx series DSP 

   Voice Server Card Development

   Developed the new feature for Tekelec Wireless Media Gateway (T8000 WMG)          

      Designed the feature specifications for wireless feature (TFO/TrFO/IPE)

         Developed the IPE (In-Path Equipment) feature on Echo Server Card and Voice

      Server Card

         Completed the unit tests of functionalities of IPE

         Performed the integration tests of Voice Server Card with other components on MG

         Worked with hardware team to implement IPE functionalities on FPGA

Working environment: C, C++, pSOS, PowerPC, TDM, TSI, VoIP, G.168, G.169, G.711, G.729, G.723.1, TFO, TrFO, IPE, Octasic DSP, Mindspeed  DSP

Sr. Embedded Linux Engineer (Contractor)

Texas Instruments Incorporated, Dallas, Texas  (www.ti.com)  (2004)  

TI is the world leader in digital signal processing and analog technologies, the semiconductor engines of the Internet age. 

   Platform Support Package (PSP) Development   

Developed new features for DSL/ATM Driver running on VxWorks and Linux OS for the ADSL CPE products, and for firmware on TI's C6x generation of DSP

        Enhanced DSL/ATM Driver for VxWorks PSP with new features

        Implemented new API functions to extend DSL HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer)

        Troubleshot and resolved defects and bugs of previous version of DSL/ATM drivers

Working environment: C, Linux, VxWorks, MIPS, DSP, AR7 Route, DSLAM  

Sr. Embedded Linux Engineer

Lexmark International, Inc., Lexington, Kentucky  (www.lexmark.com)  (2003 2004) Lexmark is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of printing solutions (laser/inkjet)  

   Printer Controller Firmware Extension    

     Responsible for the extension of firmware for the multifunction printer (X422 MFP)

        Added new diagnostic functions for testing CCD, Sensors, and Paper Feeder

          for a new printer controller

     Generated kernel modules (proc files) for debug purpose

        Enhanced API routines communicating with the scanner controller of printer

        As a member of TeamTrack group, resolved over 50 existed printer problems

         reported by test team, including fatal bugs such as deadlock and system hangs

        Working with Red Hat Linux-2.4 development environment and building firmware

          target for Embedded Linux on MIPS platform  

   Printer Controller Firmware Development   

     Responsible for the development of firmware for a new generation of printer

        Working on new set of APIs for a new scanner controller

        Created a diagnostic tool and a test plan to test ATA interface with IDE hard drive

          for a specific printer ASIC. Developed a low-level device driver to handle this PCI

          device, and modified Linux IDE driver subsystem to bring up the internal hard drive

          with ext2 file system

        Developed tools on Linux platform to monitor and debug printer firmware with

          COM ports, USB ports and network interfaces

Working environment: C, Assembly, Linux, MIPS, Agilent Logic Analysis System   


Software Engineer (Device Driver)

Interphase Corporation, Plano, Texas  (www.interphase.com) (1997 2003)

Interphase is a leading provider of robust building blocks, highly integrated subsystems and innovative gateway appliances for the converged communications network. 

   VxWorks Device Driver Development      

     Developed and delivered a new device driver for 4576 PMC ATM over OC-3/STM-1  

     Communications Interface Card (ATM adapter), running on a CompactPCI board with

     PowerPC platform at VxWorks operating system

         Designed a well-organized driver architecture with fully documented API

         Implemented all the driver functions and API calls on VxWorks specific platform

         Developed several tools and utilities (multithread applications) to test the new driver

         Composed the User Guide of the driver for VxWorks portion

         Enhanced the driver by providing multiple board support packages (BSP), including

           MCP750, MCPN765, and PCIPPC2

         Troubleshot and resolved lots of driver's issues reported by customers 

   Linux Device Driver Development     

     Upgraded the Solaris driver for 5575 PCI ATM adapter, implemented 5 more ATM

     protocol features to the existed integrated driver.

         Added Redundant Link support for the driver (for fault tolerance)

         Applied ABR support for the driver (for QoS of networking)

         Realized SNMP support for the driver (for network management)

         Implemented MPOA support for the driver (for virtual routing)

         Activated DS3/E3 support for the driver (for different media) 

   NetWare Device Driver Development     

     Developed a NetWare ODI driver for PowerSAN Fibre Channel HBA

         Trained in NetWare ODI driver architecture

         Added the driver functionalities on NetWare operating system

         Wrote the NetWare portion of User Guide for the driver

Working environments: C, Assembly, Shell Script, VxWorks, Linux, Windows NT, Solaris, NetWare, SPARC, Intel x86, PowerPC, Tornado II, PCI Analyzer, ATM Protocol Analyzer     



   M.S. in Computer Science, The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas

   M.S. in Industrial Technology, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois

   B.S.  in Mechanical Engineering, Jiangxi Polytechnic University, Nanchang, China



   Object-Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD) Using UML, Learning Tree Int, KY

   Tornado Device Drivers Training Workshop, Wind River Systems, Alameda, CA

   Tornado Training Workshop, Wind River Systems, Alameda, CA

   In-Depth Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop, Solution Technology, Boulder Creek, CA

   ODI LAN Driver Development Class, Novell DeveloperNet Labs, Salt Lake City, UT


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