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How to configure a HP printer using HP web utility

To configure a HP printer attached to your network, you may have many options to do so. This article describes how to assign a static IP to HP Business Inkjet 1200 printer using HP web utility.

Note: by default, the HP printer obtains an IP from DHCP. That may cause a problem because the DHCP may assign a different IP after restarting the printer. Therefore, it is recommended to assign a static IP instead of using DHCP.

Here are step by step to assign an IP to HP Business Inkjet 1200 printer.

  1. To run the HP web utility, open Internet browser, Type the printer IP address in Address. The printer information display. (Picture)
  2. Click Networking tab and then Wired interface (Picture).
  3. Check the Manual IP, and give the IP address and subnet. You may assign Default gateway and DNS too (Picture).

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