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How to free spaces on C drive

How to move data from drive to another drive on SBS

In the following cases, you may want to move data from drive to another drive in a computer running Windows.

         The drive is running out of hard disk space.

         You want to move the data to a higher performance disk or RAID array.

         You want to separate the OS and data for backup and recovery purpose.

If you are running Windows SBS 2003, you may have the following options.

1.    Move the Users Shared Folders and re-share the Shared Folders.

2.    Move the SharePoint Databases.

3.    Move the Monitoring Instance of MSDE 2000

4.    Move the ClientApps Data Folder

5.    Move the Exchange Databases and Log Files

6.    Move the Sent Faxes Folder.

7.    Move the page file to different drives. 

8.    You may want to move the service pack uninstall directory with
the name that starts and ends with $.

Please refer to "Moving Data Folders for Windows Small Business Server 2003Moving Data
Folders for Windows Small Business Server 2003"

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