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Can I install Terminal Services in Windows SBS 2003?

You should not run Terminal Services in Windows Small Business Server 2003 for the following reasons.

1. TS doesn’t coexist well with the rest of the applications and services that Windows SBS includes.

2. TS and SBS contend for the same resources and can conflict with one another, degrading the performance of both.

3. Windows Server 2003 and Windows SBS 2003 are more secure by default than previous versions, making coexistence with the domain-controller capacity of Small Business Server unfeasible. So, If Terminal Services is required in a SBS LAN, it is recommended to add a second server running TS.


1. In a small network environment, it is good idea to install terminal services licensing in the terminal server instead of the SBS 2003.

2. If you are upgrading from SBS 2000 with Terminal Services enabled, keep terminal services licensing on the computer running Windows SBS 2003.

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