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Design for Microsoft SQL 2005 in Multi-site Failover Clustering

Situation: We have a register website/PEO (Patron Edge Online) running SQL 2005 on our DMZ. The server has some issues and we are required to re-build it as high-availability and failover server/website running 24/7.
Design: Our design is based on Microsoft article:
Example Clustered Service or Application in a Multi-Site Failover Cluster: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd197519(WS.10).aspx


1. There are two Dell R510 servers running Windows 64 bit 2008 R2 Enterprise with Hyper-V enabled. One is located in Building A and another one is in Building B.

2. Each Dell R510 server connects to one EuqalLogic SAN.

3. Each Dell Server has 12 NICs and 48GB RAM.

4. The Clients are in VLAN 1, the Dell R510 servers and PEO/VM are in VLAN 10/DMZ, the SAN is in VLAN 800.

5. We will use EqualLogic software to replicate data/VMs between two sites.

6. The PEO will run Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise and Microsoft SQL 2005.
Consideration: We believe we have knowledge to create a Multi-Site Failover Clustering. However, we donít have experience to use EqualLogic replication software and experience to build a Multi-Site Failover Clustering. We have the following questions for you.
1. Does our Multi-Site Failover Clustering meet the requirement of high-availability and failover server/website running 24/7? Or is it workable?

2. Do you know if the EqualLogic replication software will work for this design? Or do we need other 3dr party software?

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