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How to install Pano Manager on VMware


The Pano Manager is a virtual appliance which is running on a virtual machine hosted on your virtual infrastructure. The Pano Manager virtual machine can run on the same host as desktop virtual machines or VMware VirtualCenter.

Note: the minimum requirement for the host computer is a Pentium IV 2.0 Ghz processor, 1 GB RAM. 2 GB RAM is recommended for deployments of 25 or more desktops.

To install the Pano Manager on VMware server please follow these steps:

1. Run VMware infrastructure client.

2. Select the host from the inventory. Click on Configuration. Double click on the storage1 to browse the datastore.

3. Create the folder name called PaniMS-tgz.

4. Copy the file named PanoManagementServer-2.0.4.tar.gz from the Pano media disk to the PaniMS-tgz.

5. Use the VMware console or ssh to the ESX host that will host the Pano Manager to create a folder called PanoMS-tgz, for example, mkdir /vmfs/volumes/vm35:storage1/PamoMS-tgz.
6. Extract the contents the above tarball to the desired directory using this command:
tar -xzvf PanoManagementServer-2.0.4.tar.gz
7. Back to  the Virtual Infrastructure client connecting to the ESX host.
8. Select the host by clicking on it on the left browse pane.
9. Double click on PaniMS-tgz and then navigate to the PaniMS-tgz>PaniManagementServer-2.0.4.
10. Right click on the PanoMangementServer.vmx and select "Add to inventory".


11. In the next screen, enter the VM name, PanoVM in our example.



12. In the Select a Resource Pool, select the resource pool. It is vmserver in our case since we have only one pool.



13. Make sure you have correct information and click Finish to complete the installation.



14. After the installation, you should have PanoVM under the host.



15. To power on the Pano Manager, right click on it and select "Power On".


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