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How to restore VM using Veeam Backup - Step by step with screenshots 


1. With Veeam open, on the Home tab, click Restore and select Hyper-V.

2. In the Restore from backup section, select Entire VM.



3.   Click Add VM. Select where to browse for VMs:
•From infrastructure — browse the virtual environment and select VMs or VM containers to restore. If you choose a VM container, Veeam Backup & Replication will expand it to a plain VM list.

When you add a VM to the list, Veeam Backup & Replication displays information about the most recent restore point in the Restore point column. If no restore point is available for the added VM, Veeam Backup & Replication will display a warning next to this VM.
•From backup — browse existing backups and select VMs under backup jobs.

Note: you can also use the search field at the top of the wizard.


4. To select a restore point for a VM:
1) In the Virtual machines to restore list, select the VM.
2) Click Point on the right.
3) In the Restore Points window, select a restore point from which you want to restore the VM.


5. Select Restore Mode: At the Restore Mode step of the wizard, choose the necessary restore mode:
1.Choose a restore mode:
•Select Restore to original location if you want to restore VMs with their initial settings and to their original location. If this option is selected, you will immediately pass to the Reason step of the wizard.
•Select Restore to a new location, or with different settings if you want to restore VMs to a different location and/or with different settings (such as VM location, network settings and so on). If this option is selected, the Full VM Restore wizard will include additional steps for customizing VMs settings.
Note: if you choose Restore to the original location, the Veeam will remove the VM from Hyper-V and you need to re-add it after the restore.


6. Give the restore reason for the future reference.


7. You may receive a waning.


8. Follow the wizard to complete the restore.


9. If you choose Restore to original location, the original VM will be deleted after the restore. You need to re-add the VM and then restart it.

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