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Computer Browsing over VPN - Permission or Cached Credentials issues

If you can ping the remote computer but can't browse the resources, you may have a permission or cached credentials issues. To troubleshoot this issue, use net view command, for example, net view \\chicagotech (here chicagotech is the remote computer). If you receive System error 53, this is the name resolution issue, routing or connection issues. If it is System error 5, it could be permission or cached credentials issue. To fix system error 5, do these:

1. Make sure the VPN user has right to access the remote resources.

2. Make sure the VPN username and password match the username and password of the remote domain or workgroup.

3. If you are sure you have all 1 and 2 setup correctly, you may need to use net use command to cache the credentials, for example, net use \\chicagotech password /u:ms-mvps\bob (here password is the user bob's password, chicagotech is the server name, ms-mvps is the domain name and bob is the username).

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