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Return-path is different from real email address

Situation: One of our client just upgraded their Exchange from 2000 and 2003. Any emails sent to abc.com are blocked. When you check the address, it is correct for example, blin@chicagotech.net. The problem is the message source. It displays Return-path: BLin@ntmail.chicagotech.net (this is not real email address).

Analysis: All DNS and MX are correct. Then we find any emails sent from this company has a host name ntmail which is a old Exchange 2000 computer name but it doesn't exist.  For example the old Exchange FQDN is ntmail.chicahotech.net and the new FQDN is mail.chicagotech.net.

Since the ntmail had been removed from the network, and the DNS and MX doesn't have this name, we believe the old name was brought to the new Exchange server.

Troubleshooting: Finally, we find ntmail.chicagotech.net is listed in masquerade domain. To check masquerade dolman, open exchange System Manger>Site>Server>Servername>Protocol>SMTP. Right-click on SMTP Default Virtual Server and select Properties>Delivery>Advanced.

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