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Cisco Issues and How to

Cisco How to

Command to block outside people ping public IP
Cisco PIX port forwarding
How to access and manage PIX Firewall
How to add a static entry to the PAT on the Cisco 600
How to backup ASA/PIX configuration using TFTP
How to configure Cisco Switch Port speed and duplex
How to configure a port using 100  speed
How to do NAT
How to enable 3DES
How to restore ASA/PIX configuration using TFTP
How to setup ASA
How to setup a new Cisco Wireless AP by copying from a working AP

Cisco VPN

Cisco VPN Information
How to add DNS and WINS into your Cisco VPN server
How to logoff  Cisco VPN session using ASMD
How to open Cisco PIX ports for accessing outside VPN
How to uninstall Cisco VPN client
How to use PPTP through a Cisco PIX
Start Cisco VPN before logon Windows domain
tatements are required to allow a VPN past my Cisco PIX


Cisco Issues

Can ping from the router but not from inside computers
Can't access clients in the LAN after establishing Cisco VPN client
Can't access remote computer with Cisco VPN
Canít load Cisco SDM
Cisco VPN client errors
Cisco VPN client cannot access any remote resources
Different port-map and NAT
nternet down every 30 minutes
ne Cisco switch doesn't talk to other


Cisco Common CLI Error Messages and meaning
Cisco PIX Show commands

Cisco Recalling Commands
Routing Concepts
What are NAT and PAT

Cisco Router/Firewall Configuration Samples


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