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Troubleshooting "... is not accessible" error step by step

When try to access a remote computer, you may receive the following error messages:
 "....is not accessible. You may not have permission to use this network resource".
"Access is denied"
"Network path was not found."
"Resources: \\computername\IPC$"
"There are no entries in the list"
"System Error 5 has occurred"
"System Error 51 has occurred"
"System Error 53 has occurred"

Troubleshooting step by step:

A. Is a firewall blocking the LAN traffic? Ping it by IP.
B. Do you have correct TCP/IP settings? Check ipconfig /all.
C. Have you enabled the sharing? Use net view IP and net share.
D. Do you have the Name Resolution issue? Net view will tell it - System error 53.
E. Do you have the permission issue? Net view displays  - System error 5.
F. Do you have Computer Browser issue? Net view displays System error 51

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