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Case Studies


Can ping Yahoo but not browse using DSL
 Canít access Internet via USB after enabling NIC
 Can't join domain after enabling Firewall on DC
 Canít restart remote pc using shutdown command
 Computer doesn't show itself in Workgroup
 Destination unreachable
 Event ID 1000, 7011 and 7031
 Examples of Dynamic DNS Host Name Registrations
 Lost some sent emails
 Information Store service terminated unexpectedly 1
 Information Store service terminated unexpectedly 2

 NDRs with 5.7.1 and 5.7.3 error codes
 NDR: #5.4.0 -  could not be found in DNS
 Can send but receive from outside
 Nslookup - Non-existent domain
 Nslookup - Default Server:  UnKnown
 Only one computer can access Internet via DLS
 PING: transmit failed, error code 65
 Return-path is different from real email address
 Run a program automatically and remotely
 Sent Packets only on a wireless computer
 SMTP communication problem
 System detected an address conflict for IP
 The local device name is already in use
 Unsuccessful update dyndns with badsys error


Can't access FTP after Server 2003 SP1
Canít access Server 2003
Can't install SP1 for Windows 2003 server
Can't join the domain
Client authentication goes across the WAN
Continuous loop after Server 2003 Sp1
Add Server 2003 to 2000 domain
DC fault tolerance
DNS name does not exist
Error 1060
Event ID 2103, 2114 & 7200
An error occurred when ICS was being enabled
Specified service does not exist as an installed service

Event ID 7031
No more than 2 TS connections
Object Picker cannot open
Operation could not be completed
Upgrade 2000 DC to 2003 DC
Recover Password
"The DSA object cannot be deleted"
Troubleshooting Virtual PC for Mac
TS remote session was disconnected
XP logon slow in child domain
XP runs slow
VPN Connection issues after 2003 SP1

Virus and Spyware

Can't access some web sites
Slow when connecting the Internet
The Internet downs every 30 minutes
Server is not configured for transactions
Trojan and spyware block accessing the Internet


VPN Case Study
Both VPN sites are using the same IP range
Both sites use the same IP range on a VPN connection
Can't access Internet through Server as a router
Can't access remote resources via XP VPN
Canít access server using RDC after enabling VPN
Can't establish VPN because private NIC is disabled
Can't browse over VPN because inside NIC is disabled
Can't ping other LAN with XP Pro as a router
Client canít access the Internet through NAT
Connection not found [500]
Name resolution and connectivity issues
No one can access the server after setup VPN
RRAS failed because: Access is denied. (80070005)
RRAS with 2 NICs messes up whole system
Setup XP Pro as a router
VPN between Netgear FVS318 and Windows 2000
VPN client can ping the VPN server only
VPN error 691 - Access denied
You credentials have failed remote network authentication

VPN Error 733 - the PPP control protocol for this network protocol is not available on the server.
VPN Error 736: Remote computer terminated control protocol

Wireless works while wired not

Remote Access

Black screen when RDP over VPN
Clear Terminal Server 2000 licenses
Can access VNC on one NIC but not another one
Can't access remote computer after disabling Guest
Can't install pcAnywhere
Disconnect TS sessions remotely
Limit one TS user on one device
No License Code for installing TS Licenses

Hardware NICs, Routers & Switches

Canít access the router after reset
Can't start Windows
Linksys router doesnít function
NIC has a green light but not listed under Device Manager
One Cisco Switch doesnít talk to other
Remote configuration on BEFSX41 doesnít work


Can't Print from NT 4 to XP Home
Can't Print from XP Home to NT 4
Can't print from XP to Server 2000
Share printer without authentication
Name could not be resolved.  
Name could not be matched to a name in the address list

Transfer Outlook Express messages





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